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Friday, October 16, 2009

Calling all Muslims (peace loving & fanatics alike)!

In this century, we have witness fanatics and terrorists in many nations creating problems to ordinary citizens and carrying out most unimaginable & gruesome crimes against innocents and humanity all in the name of their religion - Islam.

Some uninformed politicians say Islam is being hijacked by these religious fanatics. But we all now know that it is no true!

These so-called religious fanatics and the cruel terrorists themselves claimed that they are the faithfuls of their religion and fundamentalists to the teachings of Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam.

Furthermore, ex-Muslims, ex-islamic terrorists and scholars of Islamic studies also have given us an inside into the true teaching of Islam with quotations directly from their holy book of Koran and the Hadith (the written tradition of their Prophet Mohammed) and commentaries from islamic top scholars that what these religious fanatics and islamic terrorists confessions are 100% true!!! They need to kill to achieve the goal of spreading their religion and to go to Allah's x-rated heaven.

It is the Islamic religion (or the religion of Mohammed) that is hijacking the world including the Muslims!! Not the terrorists hijacking Islam.

Now is the time for the Muslims to wake up! To seriously study what the Koran and the Hadith say about the teachings and deeds of Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam. To come to the senses and denounce Islam and come out of Mohammed's and his Allah's control.

In this way, can you be a true human!

In this way, all the fanatics and terrorists will have no more support to fight and to kill innocents, which may include you, if you do not wake up on time!


Ex-muslim terrorists speaks out against Islam

The youtube video links to the confession of an ex-terrorist are as follows:

(a) part 1

(b) Part 2

(c) Part 3

(d) Part 4

(e) Part 5

After viewing the video clips, you will understand why Terrorism is related to the Koran and hadith, the holy book and tradition of the Muslims and to Mohammed, whom the Muslims honored as their prophet.


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