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Monday, March 22, 2010

a Christian man was set ablaze while his wife raped for refusing to . .

Muhammad, in following Allah's command, used to slaughter those, who refused to embrace Islam, and enslave and rape their women. This Sunnah, which has been in action throughout Islam's history to the present day, has been implemented again in Pakistan just recently...


Prophet Muhammad was a barbarian par excellence in history, one worse than Hitler, given that he perpetrated his barbaric intents couching them as divine sanctions of the Creator of the Universe. Probably no one history has been able to perpetrate terror in the modus operandi of Muhammad, at least not as successfully.

Those, who did not join Muhammad’s cult, aka Islam, to enrich him with booty, including filling his quarters with sex-slaves, by taking part in his highway robbery, and attacking and plundering of surrounding communities—he tried to exterminate them, so that he can take hold of their properties, and take possession of their women (plus children).

That’s exactly what happened with the Jews of Medina. When they refused to embrace Muhammad’s allegedly divine mumbo-jumbo, as all Islamic history and hadith literature inform us, he attacked them, and tried to slaughter them en masse. But thanks to forceful intervention by powerful Abdullah ibn Obayi, Islam’s hypocrite par excellence, he failed to slaughter the Jews of Banu Qainuqa and Nadir; he had to be contended by evicting them from Medina, and capturing their properties.

To the Quran-only Muslims, who do not accept references from anything other sources than the Quran, this plan of execution of Muhammad is actually sanctioned by Allah; better to say it was Allah’s command that Muhammad executed. This what Allah says about Muhammad’s attack of Banu Nadir and their expulsion, after failing to slaughter them:

‘Allah had decreed banishment for them… because, they resisted Allah and His Messenger (i.e. rejected Islam): and if any one resists Allah, verily Allah is severe in Punishment’ [Quran 59:3-4]

Nonetheless, Muhammad succeeded in putting his (Allah’s) original plan to deal with the Jews’ refusal to embrace Islam two years later, when he attacked Banu Quraiza, the last remaining Jewish tribe in Medina, because Abdullah had become powerless and about to die by this time. He slaughtered all the Quraiza men, enslaved their women and children, and took possession of their properties. With no powerful Abdullah to intervene, he, later on, dealt with the Jews of Banu Mustaliq and Khaybar in a similarly barbarous manner.

This modus operandi of Muhammad, a sunnah, which Muslim ideally must replicate until the end of the world, has been in force throughout the history of Islam to the present day. Readers may consult my book, Islam Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion Imperialism, and Slavery, in this regard. We know how the Taliban in Pakistan, despite intervention by the government, are trying, and often succeeding, in putting this eternal and divine Islamic modus operandi into action upon the Christians, Sikhs and Hindus.

In the latest incident, a Christian man was set ablaze while his wife raped for refusing to embrace Islam. It occurred, not in the Taliban heartland, but in relatively secure Rawalpindi near the capital Islamabad, and the perpetrators were not the Taliban, but a probably moderate Muslim and influential businessman, who was assisted by the police.

According to BosNewsLife, on 19 March 2010, Muslim leaders, assisted by local police, burned alive a Christian man to refusing to embrace Islam, while police officers also raped his wife.

Ditto Muhammad’s killing the men of Banu Quraiza, Khaybar and Mustaliq, and capturing their women for keeping as sex-slave to rape them, is in action.

After the Friday prayer on March 19, Christian Arshed Masih was set on fire in front of a police station, while police officers also his wife, Martha Arshed.

This barbaric incident followed an apparent death threat to Arshed from his Muslim employer, Sheikh Mohammad Sultan, an influential businessman and religious leaders.

Their three children, aged 7 to 12, were reportedly forced to witness the incident of brutality upon their parents.

With 80% of his body burned, Arshed Masih is fighting for his life in Hospital.

Police said the case in under investigation, although no arrest had been made until Saturday afternoon.

Arshed Masih worked as a driver for businessman Sultan since 2005, while his wife as a maid at Sultan’s house. The couple lived in the quarter of Sultan with their children.

In January, Sultan, joined by local religious leaders, allegedly asked Arshed to convert to Islam with his whole family.

When he refused, they reportedly threatened him with "dire consequences".

Arshed offered to quit his job; thereupon, Sultan threatened to "kill" him if he would leave. He also told other Christians, who tried to mediate, that he would not allow Arshed’s family live anywhere in Pakistan.

Before the burning and rape incidents, Sultan lodged a First Information Report with police of theft of Rs. 500,000 ($5,952) from his account.

Sultan later offered to drop the case if the couple would convert to Islam. He also threatened them that, if refused, they both “would not see their children again."

When Arshed still refused to convert, the barbarous Sunnah of Muhammad was put into action: Sultan and other local leaders, assisted by the police, tried to kill Arshed by burning him alive, and raped his wife as their children were forced to watch.


M. A. Khan is the author of Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery.


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